Tacoma Big 7 Complete Kit (Gen 3 - 2016-2021)

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Product Overview

What's the Big 3, and why do you sell a "Big 7"?

The "Big 3" (or sometimes called "Big 4") upgrade means improving the current capacity of three cables: 1) alternator output to battery positive, 2) battery negative to frame/body, and 3) engine ground to frame/body. We don't stop there though. Our "Big 7" kits also include the leads to the starter and the fuse relay box, as well as adding an external fuse to avoid routing the increase in current capacity through the smaller fuse box wiring.

What makes these cables so special?

We're nerds for specs and finer details around here. None of that CCA (copper-clad aluminum) that's used in inferior products, or stereo installations. We only use fine-strand, SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) approved, pure copper cable. Then using a powerful electromechanical crimping machine, we crimp each solid-copper end, and finally finish the construction by adding a environmental seal made of marine grade heatshrink meeting MIL-I-23053/4. Also included are military style corrosion resistant battery connections and an ANL fuse and holder. To make the entire install simpler, every end will be labeled for ease of installation.

Do I need a bigger alternator to run these cables?

No. Every vehicle can benefit from our "better than factory" cables. The years, along with environmental damage from rain/salt water/corrosion, can greatly impact your electrical system. Our customers have consistently reported that their vehicle starts faster, charges the battery better, and many times cured electrical gremlins that were brought on by compromised wiring.

I've changed my mind! I want to run a bigger alternator!

Perfect! You're probably running a power inverter, a stereo, a winch, an under hood welder, or flux capacitor. These all require more amperage than the stock alternator is capable of providing. Maybe you're not running any of these yet, but considering it, these cables will get you ready!

2GA or 1/0 GA?  Which to choose?

As far as 2GA vs 1/0 GA, it's really going to depend on what mods you're going to do to.  If you're staying stock, then 2GA is plenty, but if you're looking at modifying it down the road (winches/lights/etc) and want to future proof, then you'd want 1/0 GA.

These aren't just any old Tacoma "big 3" cables, these are the "Big 7" from ToyotaCables!

For some of the Toyota kits there’s only two factory negative cables to replace

Replaces 82122-04350, 82122-04361